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What is the use of montmorillonite desiccant?
2019-01-09 14:12:39


What is the use of montmorillonite desiccant ? It is known in Xuchen desiccant that montmorillonite desiccant is a moisture-proof product. The main function is to absorb moisture from the air and keep the product dry. The montmorillonite desiccant is made of pure natural montmorillonite, dried and activated, does not contain any additives and solubles. It is a non-corrosive, non-toxic and pollution-free green product with excellent compatibility. Can be disposed of as general waste. Montmorillonite desiccant is widely used in food, medicine, electronic products, military products, container shipping, etc. It is a substitute for silica gel desiccant. Compared with silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant has low price and superior performance. Environmental protection and no pollution. Adaptability: The moisture absorption performance is stable under various temperature conditions, even if it is directly in contact with metal.

Efficient moisture resistance: good moisture absorption performance, saturated moisture absorption rate of more than 50% of its own weight, 1.5 times that of traditional desiccant. Generally speaking, whether it is full of water, just look at its outer packaging; or take it out, just find it It is 50% heavier than before and it proves that it is saturated with water. How long can the smectite desiccant be used? As long as the smectite desiccant is saturated with moisture, it proves to have no effect and needs to be replaced in time. The montmorillonite desiccant mainly absorbs the moisture in the air in the packaging bag. Therefore, special attention should be paid to keeping the product sealed when packaging. If the sealing is not good and the air continuously enters the inside, the montmorillonite desiccant does not stop. Moisture absorption, after saturation, can not reach the role of moisture.


What is the source and composition of montmorillonite desiccant ? It is known in Xuchen desiccant that montmorillonite is a layered mineral composed of extremely fine aqueous aluminosilicate, named from the first discovered origin - France Montmorillon. It is an exogenous mineral formed in an alkaline medium, a weathering decomposition product of volcanic ash and tuff. Usually a soil-like block, white, sometimes slightly reddish or green. The gloss is dim. Hardness 1. The density is about 2. Very absorbent. After absorbing water, its volume expands several times to ten times, and it has strong adsorption and cation exchange performance.

1. The main component of the smectite dryer is calcium, magnesium and silicon oxide. Its ability to absorb water is mainly due to its hollow structure, which can accommodate a certain amount of water. Generally, the moisture absorption rate is between 15-25%. Wide range of sources and low prices.

2, the first thing to pay attention to is the moisture absorption performance of montmorillonite desiccant , because some products have long storage time or packaging problems have appeared suction, so it is recommended to buy now. The second is that the packaging of the bag, the thickness of the package is too large, will also affect the effect, if too small, it is easy to leak powder.

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