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2 kg green tyrant blanket container desiccant
2018-12-07 21:04:51


Calcium chloride desiccant (Xuchen KEEPDRY desiccant) Green Pa
  Product net weight: 2000 grams
 Packaging material: coated non-woven fabric + US DuPont paper double-layer packaging
  Main raw materials: calcium chloride, characteristic water-locking resin, characteristic edible starch
  Product use: dehumidification and dehumidification in a closed space
  Scope of application: used in various industries
  Product color: green
  Product size: 750*500


 Super absorbent capacityThe green bait desiccant can absorb more than 280% of its own weight, and its moisture absorption capacity is 8-15 times that of ordinary desiccant.
Product advantageDouble-layer packaging to prevent leakageThe inner and outer packagings are independently sealed, the inner layer is made of American coated DuPont paper; the outer layer is made of special one-way breathable waterproof material to prevent leakage.
Extra long moisture absorption cycleThe effective moisture absorption period of up to 60 days is the preferred moisture-proof product for long-term storage and long-distance shipping.
 Super water lock capacityAfter moisture absorption, it will be slowly converted from white powder to beige or beige gel to inhibit liquid generation and prevent leakage.
Focus on achievement

From product development to production, we are dedicated to every step of the way, demanding every detail to ensure quality; We believe that only focus can be professional!


Safe and reliableTailored designSuper moisture absorption

         Keepdry The whole process of moisture absorption is solid, and the hygroscopic substrate becomes gel after fully absorbing moisture, which greatly reduces the fluidity of the material and has no leakage.

     Keepdry desiccant has a variety of packaging methods such as hook, lanyard, adhesive, tiling, etc.; 2000g, 1000g, 500g, 250g, 125g, 100g, 50g, 25g, etc. ! Suitable for Customers with different sizes of packaging containers, more weight specifications can be customized.

     Keepdry uses a unique high moisture absorption dry adsorbent with a moisture absorption rate of 300% to ensure that the product is dried throughout the storage and transportation process to avoid mildew


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