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Blue shield
2018-12-03 05:12:46
5c25945dad62073464.jpeg Calcium Chloride Desiccant (Xuchen Desiccant) Blue Shield
  Product net weight: 1000g
  Packaging material: US DuPont paper + anti-watercolor box packaging
  Main raw materials: high quality calcium chloride, characteristic lock water resin, characteristic edible starch
  Product use: dehumidification and dehumidification in a closed space
  Scope of application: used in various industries
  Product color: blue
  Product size: 160*850


 Super absorbent capacityAfter many years of experiments and research, keepdry masters the unique formula of high-strength moisture-absorbing substrate, the moisture absorption rate can reach 280%, and it is solid after moisture absorption.
Product AdvantageSuper water lock capacityThe special water-retaining resin component is added to the raw material to absorb water and gel, and the inner layer material is selected to be unidirectionally permeable;
The outer waterproof paper shell design prevents liquid leakage in three aspects, giving you peace of mind.

Beautiful and elegant Square space

The outer hard shell is beautifully designed, and the round hole in the carton ensures that the moisture can be absorbed by the desiccant without hindrance.

Fully release the moisture absorption super-capability, the trapezoidal cross-section perfectly matches the container groove, saving the packing space.



Safe and reliableTailored designSuper moisture absorption

       This product is designed for hard paper case packaging and its exquisite The appearance makes the product look high-end. Its vertical suspension and trapezoidal cross section make it a container The groove fits perfectly.

     Keepdry live ore desiccant has 2000 grams, 1000 grams, 500 grams, 250 g, 100 g, 50 g and many other product specifications, suitable for Customers with different sizes of packaging containers, more weight specifications can be customized.


Keepdry uses a unique high moisture absorption dry adsorbent with a moisture absorption rate of 300% . The round hole in the carton ensures moisture. Absorbed unhindered by the desiccant and to some extent The inner material of the protective desiccant is not accidentally squeezed into leaks.




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