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What are the commonly used desiccants in the market?_Drying agent
2019-01-19 09:23:31


What are the commonly used desiccants in the market ? There are many types of desiccants, such as food, medicine, shipping, and industry. Currently, the most used in the market are industrial and food, and the following types are common:

1, calcium chloride desiccant

The main raw material of calcium chloride desiccant is calcium chloride and hydrochloric acid, which are refined by reaction, synthesis, filtration, evaporation, concentration and drying. It not only has fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, and is non-toxic, odorless, non-contact corrosive, and has no environmental pollution, especially for human body. It is widely used in oil seal, optical medical, health food and military products.


2, silica gel desiccant

The desiccant is a different type of silica gel packaged in a moisture permeable pouch. The main raw material silica gel is a high microporous structure of hydrous silica, which is non-toxic, odorless, odorless, chemically stable, and has strong hygroscopic properties.

3, quicklime desiccant

The main component of the quicklime desiccant is calcium oxide, and its water absorption capacity is achieved by a chemical reaction, so water absorption is irreversible. It has been basically replaced by silica gel.


4, montmorillonite desiccant

The desiccant adopts pure natural raw material bentonite, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and has no damage to the human body. It has good adsorption performance at room temperature and general humidity, and has the functions of adsorption activity, static dehumidification and odor removal. In addition to this, there are some special desiccants, such as color changing silica gel desiccant, biochemical desiccant, fiber desiccant, alumina desiccant, mineral desiccant and the like.


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