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Can calcium chloride desiccant be used as a food desiccant?
2019-02-19 10:27:38


The calcium chloride desiccant is white powder, granules, flakes, and lumps. Calcium chloride has a high solubility in water. At 0 ° C, 100 g of water can dissolve 59.5 g of calcium chloride. At 100 ° C, 100 g of water can dissolve and dissolve 159 g of calcium chloride. It can form hydrates containing 1, 2, 4, and 6 crystal waters, and their temperature ranges are: CaCl2?6H2O below 29 °C; CaCl2?4H2O, 29-45 °C; CaCl2?2H2O, 45-175 °C; CaCl2?H2O, above 200 °C.

Calcium chloride desiccant (CaCl2) is available in food grade and industrial grade. Food grade calcium chloride desiccant meets food grade requirements from hygienic standards and can be used as food desiccant. However, our manufacturers generally do not recommend chlorination. Calcium desiccants are used in foods, mainly because of safety issues. When the child was accidentally injured by the desiccant, there was media reports that the internal substance of the calcium chloride desiccant was powdery. If the child teared the calcium chloride desiccant package, the calcium chloride powder inside would easily enter the eye, causing eyelid swelling and cornea. And white burns on the conjunctiva and other symptoms, the light cures the corneal leukoplakia, affecting vision, and causing blindness. At the same time, the news of children eating desiccant has often been reported, although calcium chloride can be used for food additives, but calcium chloride desiccant is not directly edible.

It can be used as a food calcium chloride desiccant with a transparent silica gel desiccant and a plant fiber having water absorption after processing. Chunwang recommends a transparent silica gel desiccant because it is easy to manufacture and low in cost. The main component of SiO2 is the same as the sand in the river and the main components of the glass in the home. The ingredients are very safe, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and non-polluting. It is characterized by a FDA-approved desiccant that can be directly used in foods and medicines. Even if the desiccant is eaten by a child, it will not be absorbed by the body and will be excreted.


Both anhydrous calcium chloride and anhydrous copper sulfate are used as desiccants, however, anhydrous calcium chloride and anhydrous copper sulfate are neutral desiccants, that is, dry which does not react with acidic or basic substances. Agent, so its role is only to absorb water, not to absorb impurities. That is to say, dry nitrogen is to remove water vapor in nitrogen, and other impurity gases must be removed by other methods. There are also acidic or alkaline drying. A reagent such as sodium hydroxide is an alkaline calcium chloride desiccant . For example, it can remove acid gas such as carbon dioxide in nitrogen while removing nitrogen water vapor. Therefore, in order to remove water vapor, it is often used for mixing. A desiccant, such as soda lime, is a mixture of anhydrous calcium chloride and sodium hydroxide, which removes acidic impurities while removing water vapor. 1) anhydrous calcium chloride in the chemical industry, inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfuric acid Root remover, coagulant of sodium alginate.

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