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What is the principle of water change of calcium chloride desiccant?
2018-12-31 13:25:16


Calcium chloride desiccant is suitable for preventing the moisture of instruments, meters, electrical equipment, medicines, food, textiles and other packaging items. Calcium chloride desiccant is also widely used in the sea, because the goods are often heated due to the temperature. The moisture is degraded, and the calcium chloride desiccant can effectively remove moisture and moisture, so that the quality of the goods is guaranteed.

1. Calcium chloride desiccant is used for moisture protection of bottled medicines and foods. Ensure the drying of the contents and prevent the growth of various molds.

2. Calcium chloride desiccant can be used as a general packaging calcium chloride desiccant for moisture protection.

3, calcium chloride desiccant can be conveniently placed in the packaging of various types of items (such as instrumentation, electronics, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicine and household appliances, etc.) to prevent the article from being mildewed or rusted.

Chemical adsorption

1. Acidic calcium chloride desiccant : concentrated sulfuric acid, phosphorus pentoxide, used for drying acidic or neutral gases, wherein concentrated sulfuric acid can not dry hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen iodide strong reducing acid gas; Phosphorus oxide cannot dry ammonia

2, neutral calcium chloride desiccant: anhydrous calcium chloride, the general gas can be dry, but anhydrous calcium chloride can not dry ammonia and ethanol;

3. Alkaline calcium chloride desiccant: soda lime (a mixture of CaO and NaOH, KOH), quicklime (CaO), NaOH solid, used to dry neutral or alkaline gases.

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Use classification

Calcium chloride desiccant for medical and health products, biological reagents and food industry. Special calcium chloride desiccant features: high hygienic requirements, packaging materials through the US FDA demonstration, the product is small and efficient, refined and environmentally friendly, with good compatibility and chemical stability.

According to the application environment, there are generally three cases:

1. Use in small environments: Calcium chloride desiccant is placed directly in bottles, cans or other closed pouches to keep items in small environments dry.

2. Use in medium environment: Calcium chloride desiccant is used directly in the packaged carton (or drum, bag) to avoid moisture in the package.

3. Use in large environment: Calcium chloride desiccant is directly used in similar warehouses and containers to achieve the purpose of controlling the humidity of the large environment.

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