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About us

Keep dry desiccant is the pioneer of production; it is a large-scale manufacturer with a large number of production types in the world; the world's leading producer of calcium chloride desiccant; caused by moisture in storage and transportation

Have a deeper understanding of the loss of goods, and master the professional moisture-proof technology; Xuchen desiccant is suitable for all walks of life, welcome to sample custom!

Why choose us
  • 氯化钙干燥剂

    Different designs of different goods

    The comprehensive design of our container desiccant is
    in the shape of strips, bags, pouches, shells, blankets, etc.
    to meet the demand of different goods.

  • 集装箱干燥剂

    Super absorbent capacity

    The water is effectively absorbed to more than 200% of its own weight for 60 days; the
    product becomes gelatinous after water absorption, and does not form a liquid outflow; the
    absorbed moisture does not reversibly evaporate into the air.

  • 高吸湿干燥剂

    Production capacity

    13 state-of-the-art packaging machines, 5 automated packaging lines;
    annual output exceeding 5,000 tons;
    products are sold all over the world.
    We process for more than 3 brands!

Our products
Our processing productivity
  • 活矿干燥剂

    Large enough storage space, once you receive your order, we will order you immediately to ensure delivery.

  • 氯化镁干燥剂

    A variety of equipment and equipment, as long as you inform me the type of product you need, we will design for you immediately to ensure the variety of flowers.

  • 蒙托石干燥剂

    We have accumulated more than ten years of production experience, which has created a "hard work" in production to ensure product quality.

  • 高吸湿干燥剂

    This is one of our pillow packaging workshops, fully automated industrial production, to ensure that your goods are cheap!

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